Best-selling author Janis Flores writes of tangled family relationships, the power of lasting friendship, and strong women who meet life’s toughest challenges… and win.

Usually found in print, her first Ebook, SWEETER THAN WINE, from Musapublishing.com, introduces two special people: Terra Cavanaugh, tormented by a past she can’t remember as she tries to save her family’s century-old winery from bankruptcy; and Jake Vreeland, a man who tries to forget the tragic past by plunging himself and his valiant search dog into increasingly dangerous search and rescue missions. Terra and Jake meet when she returns to Coeur du Vin. They’ll find that love is sweeter than wine. But they don’t realize that…so is revenge.

  In TOUCHED BY FIRE, a reissue from Musa Publishing), you will meet two women, each in their own time–Marguerite Caulfield, in 1890, and her great-granddaughter, Briar McKenna, in 1980. At the center of a 100-year-old conflict between the Caulfields and the Jaeger family is the once-famed but now defunct Thoroughbred breeding and racing farm, Caulfield Farm. It falls to Briar, the last surviving Caulfield, to restore the farm. But can she do it while fighting the bitter and powerful Rupert Jaeger, who has carried the age-old feud into the present day?

To succeed, Briar will have to bet everything on her once-injured filly, Touch the Fire, to carry the Caulfield name to glory once more.



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A DOG NAMED MONDAY MIDNIGHT So many readers have asked me about “Royal”, the black German Shepherd who plays such a major role in my latest novel, SWEETER THAN WINE (http://tinyurl.com/JF-STW) that I thought I should tell the story behind his creation. I have always loved animals—all kinds: cats, horses, rabbits, hamsters, birds, and everything […]

My Husband’s Christmas Present

My husband surprised me Christmas morning with this beautiful little iron horse made from a horseshoeing rasp (for those of you who don’t know, he was a horseshoer for 42 years and recently retired. A horseshoeing rasp is like an emery board, but made out of steel, with very sharp edges to “rasp” off the […]

Interview with Julie’s Book Review Part I

This interview was a little long, so I divided it into two parts for easier reading.   JBR: Welcome to Julies Book Review! Janis Flores from Musa Publishing is visiting JBR today. They are giving away copies of SWEETER THAN WINE on the rafflecopter to the right of the page. The giveaway will last all […]

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